A bride and groom are holding hands in a room.

Conch Concierge Weddings, we embrace Key West’s motto, “One Human Family,” by celebrating the love stories of all couples, including our gay and lesbian clients.

As the southernmost wedding planning and photography company in Key West and the Florida Keys, our dedication to inclusive wedding planning in Key West is evident in every detail—from barefoot beach ceremonies to luxurious, fully tailored parties, including the crafting of personalized man vows.

Trust Conch Concierge Weddings to bring precision and passion to your special day. Whether you desire a simple, intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our expert team leverages local knowledge and creative passion for inclusive wedding planning in Key West to ensure that your wedding not only meets but exceeds your dreams. Our service includes helping you articulate your commitment through customized vows, reflecting your unique relationship and love story. Welcome to our family—let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

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